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Two Artists.

Thomas Wayne on Richard Black:

Thomas Wayne. Since I first met Richard in the mid 1980's, he always seems to be very warm and inviting. Over the ensuing years we have grown to be good friends and had often thrown around the idea of collaborating on a cue project, and occasionally would share ideas about various cues we were working on. Then one day in March 2012, Richard called to discuss a commission he had just received, a cue commemorating a customer's Ferrari Enzo. He thought this would be the perfect project to finally collaborate on, and I jumped at the chance. Now, nearly a year later it is finally finished!

Richard is intensely dedicated to his art. Through many of his designs seemed to fit along "standard" contemporary lines he somehow finds a way to add his own unique touch to even the simplest of design elements. In the ensuing almost three decades he has, in my opinion, grown into the most creative artistic cuemaker who has ever lived. No one has been as fearless and eclectic as he has, and the amazing body of work he has amassed during his career stands as a living testament of what one driven man can achieve.

Beyond being a great artist and cuemaker, Richard is a southern gentleman in the truest sense of the word. During the month I spent working with him in Houston, he and his wonderful wife, Ardie, opened their home and heart to me, and I have never felt more welcome. We worked many long hours on a very challenging project, but never seemed to clash on anything. I shared my tips and tricks with him and he shared his with me. In the end I couldn't have asked for a more exciting and pleasurable project, and I will always treasure the time I had with Richard an Ardie at Blackwood.

Thomas Wayne
February, 2013

Richard Black on Thomas Wayne:

Richard Black Cues."To settle for mediocrity is ingratitude". For some it is a trendy slogan. For Thomas Wayne it is a way of life. In his search for immortality through his work, he has already left a legacy of major works that will stand the test of time. His creations will serve as the standard for other artist's attempts at creating living works of functional art. It has been my distinct pleasure to have watched this flower of creativity blossom through the decades and I know that he will continue to create and produce many more fantastic works of art. I consider him to be the greatest competitor to my works, and enjoy whenever we exhibit at the same venues.

When the opportunity to collaborate on a major project presented itself, there was no question in my mind that I wanted the creative and technical skills of Thomas in my corner. As I look at the finished Enzo project, it is apparent I made a very good choice. He not only has a brilliant artistic mind, but his technical knowledge is equally impressive. One of the most productive pieces of equipment in my shop is the 4-axis CNC machine we refer to as "Tom".

The number and quality of his many contributions to our craft speaks for itself and I am humbled to call him friend as well as collaborator. The month he spent at our home working on this project is indelibly cast in our minds as a truly wonderful experience. After many 14-15 hour days working in tight quarters we would then share wonderful dinners and great conversations. His general love of life had us covering all the wonders, as well as the problems, of the cosmos.

His inclusion in the International Cuemakers "Hall of Fame" speaks volumes about his many awards and honors as well as his earned and accepted place in cue-making history.

Richard Black
February, 2013


Enzo - Custom Designed Billiard/Pool Cue by Richard Black & Thomas Wayne. Enzo - Custom Designed Billiard/Pool Cue by Richard Black & Thomas Wayne.Enzo - Custom Designed Billiard/Pool Cue by Richard Black & Thomas Wayne.