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Experimental test engravings in the background illustrate the process of choosing not only the overall design, but the proportion and texture of the engraving. The final choice is engraved in a test block of Black Acacia, the wood selected for the presentation case. While much of the work done today is computer operated, there is still a time for old school skill. Simple tools such as exacto knives, punches and rubber mallets are still part of this old world art of hand-craftsmanship.

A few of the dozens of car body inlay pieces are shown laying on one of the drawing abstracts. In each of these larger inlays you can see the smaller inlays such as the Mother-of-Pear headlights and black wheel well on the front section. This helps the craftsmen evaluate the woods for color and texture. They are also compared to some of the abstract drawings of the car body.


Enzo - Custom Designed Billiard/Pool Cue by Richard Black & Thomas Wayne.