Richard Black Custom Cues  

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Traditional Cues
The Four Point Four Window Hoppe Split Diamond New Phoenix Shannin
Four Point
Traditional four-point design with four colored veneers around the points.   Usually done in ebony but can be finished in any exotic hardwood.
Price - $2,000
Four Window
A traditional four-color veneer with four-points, four birdseye maple windows in butt sleeve.
Price - $2,200
A classic with white ring at short butt plate.
Price - $2,400
Split Diamond
Rings in front and behind wrap with diamonds in each point.  The four butt sleeve diamonds are separated into three pieces.
Price - $2,600
New Phoenix
Stained birdseye maple front having points with gunsights. The butt has four stained maple windows with highly inlaid patterns of exotic woods.
Price - $2,800
Shanin II
Stained birdseye maple front with inlaid floating points. Behind the wrap are six maple windows, stained and inlaid with diamond shapes.
Price - $2,900


Traditional design employing subtle colors around points, with silver and inlaid rings in front of and behind the wrap. Extensive mother of pearl inlays in points and butt sleeve reminiscent of work by the old master.
Price - $3,200
Black Baron
Striking four-point highlighted by stained birdseye front using double black and white veneer, with inlaid gunsights, heavy inlay in butt sleeve.
Price - $3,500
Pendleton Plus
A magnificent design utilizing the rare exotic snakewood with touches of mother of pearl and nickel silver.
Price - $4,750
Shown here with a joint, this cue has an elaborate network of points done in ebony, and silkwood with eight silkwood windows and eight bordered diamonds.
Price - $5,300
Double Oval
A masterpiece of distinction. Silver bordered ovals of ebony and the rare pink wood are overlapped and hand carved for a coup de gras.
Price - $6,500
Silver Crown
The Silver Crown has been a long time favorite but the Ivory ban instituted in 2015 stopped me from making it the way it was. I now construct the cue using “Stag Horn” and this is an example of how it looks with a Stag Horn handle area.
The cue is priced at:
As shown with cap protectors and stag horn handle – TBA
Caps alone – TBA.
Cue with leather wrap – TBA.

Bushka Black Baron Pendleton Madison Double Oval Silver Crown 2017.