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Shop Tour

The Office

The office is where Ardis does the shipping, the books, the leather wraps and answers the phone.

Ardis's Office

The Gates Table

The Gates Table

Richard has a table made by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender & Co. in 1890 for John Warne "Bet-a-Million" Gates - 1855-1911, a famous Wall Street financier of the period.

Richard's workshop

The work studio is airy and bright, with windows and skylights, and is meticulously clean and organized.

Richard's Workshop


Technology to... Technology too

With all of the hand crafting that decades of experience has developed and perfected, Richard also utilizes the latest techniques of modern day technology to create what the customer requires.


Richard's workshop sits on 10 acres bordering Lake Houston in Humble, Texas. Click on the photo to get a tour of the grounds and experience the beauty and serenity of Blackwood.

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