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Hall of Fame

December 2017
The International Cue Makers Association inducted Richard into their "Hall of Fame". The criteria for this honor is having built cues for at least 25 years and made significant contributions to the industry.

March 2009
Richard was inducted into the American Cuemakers Association "Hall of Fame". It is considered the most prestigious award in the cuemaking industry. People attending the Awards dinner were friends and supporters from around the world.

Richard Black ACA Induction

Hall of Fame Induction Requirements
  1. The nominee does NOT have to be a member of the ACA.

  2. The nominee may be living or deceased.

  3. The nominee has been involved in cuemaking for a minimum of 20 years.

  4. The nominee is known for quality and innovative work.

  5. The nominee has made considerable contributions to the cuemaking industry by developing or inventing new techniques, materials, machinery or tools used in the manufacturing or design process.

  6. The nominee has contributed significantly to the cuemaking industry other than by just making cues. This can be through any means that increases the market for American made Cues.

  7. The nominee has made significant contributions towards the advancement of cuemaker's careers.

  8. The nominee has made significant contributions towards the increase of the cue buying customer base.

  9. There is public perception of the cuemaker as an important member of the cuemaking industry. (ie.: cuemaker's workmanship / collectibility status).

  10. There is a player's perception of the cuemaker's work as a fine example of function and workmanship.)

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