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At the local pool hall, people think of a pool cue as just a stick to hit a ball. But in the world of high end cues, the art of the cue takes on a life of its own. The wood, the inlay, the artistry all becomes part of bringing a cue to life, make each cue unique, each its own story.

This is the story of one cue - The Enzo.

Cue design starts by either an individual cuemaker, or a collaborative effort between the cuemaker and the client. Input may also come in through a custom jeweler artist. The Enzo is unique in that two Hall-of-Fame cuemaker's are involved, as well as the client. It begins with rough ideas, crude and basic. Often the conception stage really is as simple as a bar napkin or yellow pad. It then progresses through computer designs and actual mock-ups of parts of the cue. Personal inspiration for Richard Black comes from the relaxed environment of Blackwood, his personal 10 acre botanical garden estate on Lake Houston.