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Gothic Knight, Black Cues.

Gothic Knight — The concurrent development of Gothic Architecture and Gothic Art took place in the mid-12th-century. It continued to develop well into the 15th century. The artistic mediums mostly used in Gothic Art were sculpting, panel-painting, fresco, and illuminated manuscripts.

This custom cap protector was inspired by a limited addition fountain pen that sold for well over six figures. It is comprised of extensive three dimensional, heavily engraved, 18 karat yellow gold, diamonds, rubies, and vermillion.

I created the cap before I completely designed the cue because I wanted the potential customer to have final say on its design. I have designed a few of the different inlays I would suggest but the fountain pen that inspired the cap did not inspire me to use the same inlays in the cue.

The plan is to have three custom cap protectors and a wooden presentation case with precious metal inlays. It will be accompanied by a leather bound “build book” that will have photos of the progress of the cue’s building development.

I also intend to build a silver rendition of the final design that will be the “artists proof”. That rendition may, or may not, be offered for sale at a later date.