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Art Museum of Southeast Texas

The Art of Cue – Richard Black

The Art Museum is pleased to present The Art of Cue by Richard Black on view March 19 through June 5, 2005. This exhibition is comprised of over thirty intricately, hand crafted pool cue sticks made by Black, a master craftsman from Humble, Texas. Although Black is well known in the pool cue world, this is his first solo art museum exhibition. Black’s art form is surprising to the unsuspecting Museum visitor because his objects magically elevate the level of a common everyday object to highly individualized and creative, yet functional, work of art.

Each pool cue chronicles the artist’s life experiences in some capacity, making his work highly versatile. Black is keenly observant and has the rare gift of “idea to object” transformation. One pool cue is inspired by the pattern on a paper Chinese restaurant placemat while another by koi fish circling in a pond and still another had its design originate by a rare piece of wood that speaks out to Richard Black for a metamorphosis. The idea to object transformation combined with his technical virtuosity and versatility in medium makes Richard Black’s craftsmanship unparalleled. His wide repertoire not only comes with his ideas, but in a broad range of media. Exotic hardwoods, ivory, mother of pearl, a variety of precious metals and sometimes even jewels adorn each cue. In addition, every cue is properly weighted for play and fully intended for everyday use.

Richard Black has been making pool cues for over thirty years. After seventeen years as a stock broker, he abandoned his office job for his wood working workshop. He has no studio assistants, he prefers to work alone except for the serene presence of his business manager and aesthetics critic, Ardis, his wife of 38 years. His cues grace numerous private collections as well as The National Museum of American History and Smithsonian Institution.

Richard Black will deliver an artist’s gallery tour on Friday, March 18th at 7:00 p.m. followed immediately by an opening reception at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. Funding for this exhibition has generously been provided by Adam Custom Cues, Japan, Academy of American Cue Art and Wallace L. Luthy.