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Window Pain

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Window Pain, Black Cues.

Window Pain — It was challenging to dream-up a fresh box window cue design for the 2017 ICCS Grand Collection, but I knew I wanted to accomplish this by pushing the traditional box beyond rectangular limits and integrating art deco elements to come up with an original design which no one had seen before.

As the design evolved, difficulty of execution was not considered. Focus was only on originality and beauty of the art. The design that finally emerged is both unique and stunning. It is also quite difficult to execute, which is why the name “Window Pain” is appropriate for this cue.

The windows are visually striking, with sunburst interiors composed of a subtle combination of sterling silver, copper, and mother of pearl all bordered by bright, flamed veneers mitered at sharp, lightning-bolt angles. Art deco champagne poles flank the windows, adding a playful design element to the cue while silver ringwork bookends the design to tie it all together.

Honduran rosewood burl, chosen for the forearm and butt sleeve, adds exotic beauty to the cue and the antler handle and buttcap look and feel like machined marble. Antler ferrules were also chosen for this cue due to their excellent playability. The Cap protector has bas relief carvings reflecting the unique shape of the box windows.

Fully earning its name, “Window Pain” proved to be a challenging cue from start to finish, design through execution, but the hard work paid off, resulting in an amazing piece of functional art.

Window Pain, drawing made for cue designed by Richard Black of Black Cues.