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For many centuries, no, probably since the beginning of time on this planet, there has been talk of visitations from other planets and galaxies. Some people believe in them and some people donít. It really doesnít matter whether you do or not. We have all seen the TV and newspaper accounts attributed to extra terrestrials.

This is my contribution to the stories and I have chosen to illustrate the human form, male and female, in both itsí skeletal and full bodied form allowing us to understand how complicated a machine we are. The gold halo incorporating the semblance of the mindís eye and the rays emanating from that source of strength illustrate the tremendous opportunity the human brain has and that much of its strength goes untapped.

I have used the dyed and stabilized maple burl, using the reds and blues, as representing the veins and arteries required to feed the fuel to this complex mechanism. I have also used the depiction of the "all seeing eye" to represent the fact that we may be watched from above at all times. The use of the "crop circles" in the forearm of the cue brings re-enforcement to the tales of visitations from celestial beings.

Title:  Visitation
Collectible No. 02/2011
Weight: 19.5 oz.
Length: 57.5 in.
Joint: Water Buffalo horn
Butt Plate: Black Phenolic
Scrimshaw and engraving: Sandra Brady