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The Force

The Fine art pool cue, The Force is a narrative work of art inspired from the character Darth Vader in the popular science fiction movie series, Star Wars. In the process of designing and creating this cue, artist Richard Black imagined that this is what Darth Vader would own and carry to embellish his persona. The Force defies a singular style or category in art history yet has evolved from an amalgamation of Art Deco, Pop culture exemplified in the blonde holly wood inlaid over the rich bird's eye ebony. The chromed spiral birdcage at the butt end of the cue echoes these lines. Art Deco design is also seen in the twelve sided flared joint. The reference to Pop is obvious in the prevailing theme. Darth Vader, who is replicated in small scale on the end cap, has become an American cultural icon, representing the universal struggle between good and evil and the artist echoes these references repeatedly in this cue. The artist intertwines the symbolism of good and evil with his use of positive and negative space, dark and light. Richard Black, a creative genius, pushes the boundaries even further in cue art with The Force.

Lynn P. Castle
Executive Director
Art Museum of Southeast Texas