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Tear Drop

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Tear Drop.

Only with the passage of time and with close study will you begin to appreciate the multitude of subtleties of design hidden in plain view on this cue.  Unique is an understatement, at first glance one would see an almost Mardi Gras appearance, but on closer inspection you would notice the very unusual appearance of the “tear drop” shaped points in both the nose and the butt sleeve of the cue.  These points are bordered with four colored veneers that had to be pre-formed to match the “V” bottom points.  Then the subtle wood and silver inlays express the otherwise classic look of the elegantly hand-engraved silver inlays.  The cue is comprised of waterfall bubinga nose and butt sleeve with an ebony wrap area.  Purpleheart, walnut, rosewood, and silver form the ribbon-like patterns of the decoration rings and other inlays.  The wood and silver inlays in each shaft, as well as the custom inlaid and engraved cap protector for the butt, complete this tremendous piece of functional art.

Title:  Tear Drop
Collectible No. 05/2010
Weight: 20.25 oz.
Length: 57.5 in. Shaft: 2 x 13 mm
Joint: Sterling Silver over Ivory - Hand Engraved
Butt Plate: Sterling Silver over Phenolic - Hand Engraved