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2010 Collectors Choice Award
International Cue Collectors Show
Sarasota, FL

This unique cue is named “Squared” because the veneer inlays are done in such a way as to create the optical illusion of the cue being square in shape.  Once someone sees this illusion they can never not see it.  The base wood is stabilized holly and the veneers have varying thicknesses.  The Handle area is stabilized tri-colored, black line, spalted maple burl. Each row of veneers is comprised of four sections cut into the cue on a diagonal.  This required four different compound saw cuts for a perfect mitered fit.  The shafts are inlaid with patterns taken from the handle area.  These are done in red curly maple and sterling silver. 

Title:  Squared
Collectible No. 04/2010
Weight: 18.75 oz.
Length: 57.5 in.
Shaft: 2 x 13 mm
Joint: Ivory
Butt Plate: Scalloped Ivory