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The Rock-Ola
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The Rock-Ola Case.

The Rock-Ola was inspired by a juke box that was originally designed and built in the late 1930ís. Although the actual juke box that inspired this work was created by the Wurlitzer Company the name Rock-Ola was used by a competitor.

This creatively designed cue has over six hundred inlays of silver, ivory and various hardwoods depicting the many beautiful aspects of that page in musical history. It is the only time Richard made the cap protector for the butt before he made the cue.

North American walnut and Pau Amarillo are the two main hardwoods used in the cuesí construction which took three and a half months to complete. The wooden presentation case constructed from Black Walnut and inlaid with silver cross hatching (to resemble the sound grate of the juke box) took another month to complete.

The joint and butt plate are made from ivory and Richard relief carved them in his shop. Itís not the first time he has used relief carving but it is something he rarely does.

Richard believes this cue to be one of his very best works of his cuemaking career.