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Click on sections of the cue for a closer view

Fantasia is the brainchild of an imaginative client and two artists. It was the appreciation of the art of cuemaker Richard Black and sculptor Zachary Oxman that motivated this collector to request a collaborative effort between the two. French art deco artist Louis Icart was the inspiration for the design of the cue. Icart was best known for his use of the female form, together with flowing draperies and whimsical ribbon accents

Working with a dummy cue for dimension purposes, Oxman wrapped a sculpted silicon bronze ribbon 360 degrees around the cue. Black was then on a hunt for the one special piece of wood that could capture and compliment the intent of the sculptor. Identifying the desired wood wasn’t difficult; locating a piece long enough proved to be the real challenge. After trying, unsuccessfully, to find the ideal burl in the right length for the cue, he and his sources were about to accept defeat when one piece of California buckeye burl was located and everyone knew this was the canvas.

Black then used his inlay skills to lay copper vines and ivory leaves coming out from under the bronze ribbon. The leaves were purposely left higher than the cue surface so that relief could be carved into them. The shafts and the custom cap protector, fashioned from the same California buckeye burl, border the end of the bronze ribbon and extend past the joint surface. Fantasia truly captures the beauty and whimsy of its name.

The Sculptor – Zachary J. Oxman, Bethesda, Maryland
Zachary Oxman’s sculpture has garnered national acclaim and found its way into a growing number of collections, including “The White House Collection of American Crafts”, which is now touring museums across America. Among the many museums where his work has been exhibited are the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American Art (Washington, DC), the American Craft Museum (New York, NY, The Jewish Museum San Francisco (San Francisco, CA), the Museum of Fine Arts (Springfield, MA), and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. For more information, see