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The Callia Project

click on the image for a details on all three cues & cuemakers

Termed the Callia Project is something I came up with after seeing a newspaper article on a vase that Ralph Lauren designed and hand painted in 1940. He did it in ceramic and 24K gold. Being in art deco I liked it and determined I was going to make a cue with that vase as the inspiration. The photos show the vase and the cue I did.

My offering is done in Ebony, sterling silver and black veined turquoise. This cue is supposed to become one of a small collection of three each done by a different cue maker. We will be including the vase with the limited collection.  


Callia - Custom Designed Billiard/Pool Cue by Richard Black. The Callia Project, Richard Black Custom Cues. Golden Callia by Thomas Payne, Cuemaker. Callia Redeux, Artist Bob Manzino, Cuemaker.