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Rhapsody in Blue  

Rhapsody in Blue


This study in repetitive geometry challenged Richard's design skills to create a work of art from the magnitude of numbers. The Rhapsody has 242 diamond shaped inlays of alternating lapis and ivory in the forearm alone. Eleven diamonds were required to circumvent the cue and each layer of diamonds is of a descending value until it reaches the point area where it still has eleven diamonds around the cue. The ebony, ivory, lapis and gold rings at the front and repeated twice behind the wrap are illuminated with gold mountings specially crafted to hold the 174 square princess cut cubic zirconium's inlaid in the cue The cubic zirconium rings are repeated at the ivory joint, on each shaft and on the unique custom butt cap protector. This cue was displayed on "The Pretender" TV series in February of 1999.

The Legacy
Weight: 20.5 oz.
Length: 57.5 in.
Shaft: 2 x 13 mm

Status: SOLD