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Chantilly Gold

Chantilly Gold

Presentation quality birdseye maple is the backdrop for this heavily inlaid work of art. The cue consists of seventy major inlays of ivory, one large ivory handle piece and an ivory butt plate and joint. Twelve gold and nine silver diamond shaped inlays are each engraved with a Florentine pattern. The gold bands in the large ivory handle are also engraved in Florentine. The inlaid pattern is done in gold wire. The small ivory in ivory inlays at each end of the handle are bordered with gold. The ivory is executed in end grain to create a subtle offset. Both sides of the handle, as well as the joint collar rings, are intricate patterned rings of silver. The joint and the butt plate are ivory, as are the shaft cap protectors.

The Chantilly Gold
Collectible # 9712
Weight: 20.5 oz.
Length: 57.5 in.
Shaft: 2 x 13 mm
Status: SOLD

*Perceived by Richard to be one of the nicest and best looking cues he has ever created.