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Winner of the Silver Award at the 1999 Gallery Gala...

The Greek goddess of war was also worshipped as patroness of the arts and crafts, renowned for her skills as a spinner and weaver. This paradoxical blend of the aggressive and the artistic is reflected in this cue which has been two years in the making. Inspired in part by the features of an early nineteenth century cue from France, Athena is an eclectic mix of colors, patterns and materials. An aggressive, almost brash range of colors greets the eye. The strong diamond patterning of ebony and camateo in the handle contrasts with the curly patterning of amarath in the nose, and with the madrone burl in the butterfly patterns adorning the handle. Inlays of abalone, mother-of-pearl and silver provide a rich enhancement. The patterning at the base of the handle is a conventional diamond approach which is in stark contrast to the delicate, fern-like silver inlay which appears to meander in almost whimsical fashion from the tips of the points, up and around the handle.

The Athena
Collectible # 9812
Status: Richard will be creating 25 Athena's over the next 5 years, all in different wood combinations. Athena 1 (shown) is Sold.

Athena 2 Athena 3 Athena 4 Athena 5
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