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As the name implies, this cue is both inspired by and is built from materials which come from the other end of the world. During a recent circumnavigation, a close friend of Richard's accumulated an unusual collection of rare hardwoods from the South Pacific, New Zealand, Indonesia, Madagascar and South Africa. These have been used to create one of the most unusual and certainly one of the most exotic designs to date. Using patterns inspired by the motifs on a carved bamboo vase from the island of Lombok, fifteen different hardwoods were blended into this cue. The earth tones and primitive designs, the exclusive use of wood, with Cape Buffalo horn in the joints and ferrules and the absence of other materials as embellishments, gives a primitive air to this elegant cue. Over 500 separate inlays were used in the intricate patterning of the cue. The natural beauties of the stinkwood, rewa rewa, ironwood and tamboeti are enhanced by the mat surface texture, created by the hand-rubbed oil finish.

The Antipodes
Collectible # 9808
Status: Sold