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back Jamboree

It is easy to imagine the inlays of “Jamboree” as rising bubbles in a glass of champagne.  The grain pattern of the Cape Beech wood used for this cue presents a color almost like champagne viewed by candle light.  However the outright joy displayed by the whimsical design won’t be kept in that light.  Drawing from the pattern in a sweater Mr. Black was wearing during a great round of golf, this unusual overlaid like pattern just rises to the top every time the cue is viewed.  Juxtaposed inlays are a complex pattern of various materials, including ivory, silver, ebony, and many other hardwoods.  The custom cap protector, a collection of most of the woods used for this cue, sits on top as if perched on a tee waiting for a new round to begin.

Title:  Jamboree
Collectible No. 2002/19
Weight: 18.75 oz.
Length: 58 in.
Shaft: 3 x 13 mm
Joint: Ivory
Butt Plate: Ivory