Richard Black Custom Cues

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Cuestock 2014, Richard Black Custom Cues, Humble, TX.

Collectible Custom Crafted Cues

Hall of Fame Cue Maker Richard Black has been crafting his fine cues since 1974. Now in his 80's he is trying to slow down, but still makes just under twenty cues a year. By dealing with Richard, you will be receiving his personal attention to completing the cue YOU want.

He works alone and every part of the cue will be created from the best materials he can acquire and the best craftsmanship he can provide. Over the decades he has accumulated a wealth of various exotic hardwoods and shaft stock that is unequaled.

While Richard still creates pool cues starting at $2000, he specializes in cues that range upwards of $5000 that are not only collectors' pieces, but are true functional art. He can either work to design parameters that you provide or he can design and create a cue that falls within the price range you prefer.

To get into Richard's schedule there is a 25% non-refundable deposit required. In the unlikely event that your order must be postponed, by you, the deposit can be applied to a future order.

Enjoy your visit!!

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